South Florida Building and Office Access Control


Access Control Systems for South Florida Buildings and Offices

If you’re looking to control who enters your business and when OnPoint Tech Systems can assist you with your South Florida access control needs. We understand the importance and necessity of your building’s security. We offer affordable solutions that will help you allow only authorized personnel in specific areas of your property.

Our building access control systems give you the ability to keep your property secure at all times. You can have access control points set up at different doors throughout your building, at parking gates, at elevators, or at any other location around your property where you want to make sure that only certain personnel can enter.


Parking Gates



Offices, Departments, Cabinets


Reliable Equipment

When you want your building to be secure, it is extremely important to use the most reliable equipment available. We only offer the most reliable and most trusted brands. All our access control systems are installed by our highly qualified professionals to make sure that your South Florida access control installation goes well and that you can have peace of mind.


Property Access from a Smartphone or Computer

OnPoint Tech Systems allows safe building access control. We offer systems that allow you to use your smartphone or computer for convenient office access control options. We offer everything from high-end electronic keyfobs to touchless door access. We also offer smart entry door systems and video intercoms. Our team will work with you to set up the best office access control options for your unique needs. We offer convenient and affordable services that can be counted on to keep your property as secure as possible.


Know Who Has Access to Your Property

Our South Florida access control will allow you to allow or deny entry to anyone who wants to get into your building. Once inside, you can control where people can go by limiting access to different doors and departments with the use of keycards, keyfobs, or codes.

You can even have pre-programmed times for when the entire building or only certain areas can be accessed. When you want to be in complete control of who is entering your property, we can help. Our job is to simplify your life by making sure that only those who you want to come into your building will be able to.


Quality Results

Our team uses brands like Nortek, Linear, Butterfly, and Emerge. When you want to have high-end products and the best security tech possible, contact us to learn more about what OnPoint Tech Systems has to offer.


What People Are Saying

I hired Onpoint Tech Systems to do a surveillance system at my house. The house is very large and consists of very hard to reach locations where I wanted the cameras. I was convinced that no one could get this done right, and in a reasonable amount of time, and for a reasonable price. Their crew came in and easily got the job done, and even better than I could have imagined. Their solutions and products Rock! Very professional and reliable
Brian L

Quality Products, Precision Grade Services

OnPoint Tech Systems is an experienced tech company with a wide range of solutions. We were very pleased with their services, professionalism and “on point” project completion. Our manufacturing factory is located in Boynton Beach and we do not have an IT/Tech dept. but now we can rely on OnPoint Tech Systems for prompt service and responsiveness. We strongly recommend OnPoint Tech Systems to other companies and friends as we are certain they will not be disappointed.
John C

Very professional with great solutions for your business

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