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Why Your South Florida Business Needs Battery Backups and Surge Protection

Power Distribution– You can’t rely on the power grid to keep your business afloat. Especially in the southern regions of Florida, power grid interruptions are regrettably common, and losing power can cripple your business. Thankfully, there are simple systems that can keep you online and operating normally even in the event of a prolonged power outage, and here at OnPoint Tech Systems, we can deliver the power distribution solutions that your South Florida business needs to stay afloat.

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Why you need an uninterruptible power supply

Also known as a server battery backup, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is essentially a high-capacity battery combined with a surge protector. You can connect your servers, computers, and other sensitive equipment to your UPS, and under normal conditions, your UPS will draw the energy it needs to run your equipment from the power grid.

In the event that the power grid fails to deliver the electricity that your business needs to stay in operation, however, the heavy-duty, rechargeable battery equipped inside your UPS will automatically activate. This battery will deliver power to your equipment until the power grid comes back online, and then your UPS will recharge its battery to prepare for the next time you lose power.

Depending on your needs, your UPS server battery backup might only hold enough electricity to keep your business online for a few hours. It’s also possible, however, to put together UPS systems that keep your equipment running for 24 hours or even longer. For South Florida businesses that want to stay in operation during any crisis, comprehensive UPS systems are absolutely essential.


Surge protection solutions for any South Florida business

Unexpected power loss isn’t the only electrical disaster you should be prepared for as you run your Florida business. Even if the power doesn’t go out entirely, it’s possible for surges of electrical energy to flash through your local power grid, potentially damaging your sensitive equipment.

Surge protectors take the brunt of these momentary spikes in electricity so that your devices don’t have to. Every electronic device that you keep plugged in at your business location should be connected to a surge protector. These defensive electronic devices come in all sorts of sizes and capacities, and at OnPoint Tech Solutions, we can deploy company-wide protective systems that will keep your sensitive equipment protected from any surge-related electrical crisis.


Simple South Florida power distribution solutions

OnPoint Tech Systems provides the South Florida power distribution solutions your business needs to operate effectively. Losing power at the wrong time can critically damage your vital business data and make it impossible to serve your customers, but our battery backup and surge protection solutions ensure that you’ll never go offline.

Especially in an area that’s annually subjected to fierce tropical storms, you need the peace of mind that our power distribution systems provide. Contact OnPoint Tech Systems today to protect your business from unexpected fluctuations the power grid might send your way.


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We run an office with over 30 employees, we were having network issues and had gone through three other IT companies with no luck. We called Jarred Isgette, which is the owner of Onpoint, he came out and diagnosed and fixed the problem in minutes! We also used them for our VoIP phone system and new ultra fast Wi-Fi network system. We couldn’t be happier with the stellar services and solutions these guys provide!
Dave W

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OnPoint Tech Systems is an experienced tech company with a wide range of solutions. We were very pleased with their services, professionalism and “on point” project completion. Our manufacturing factory is located in Boynton Beach and we do not have an IT/Tech dept. but now we can rely on OnPoint Tech Systems for prompt service and responsiveness. We strongly recommend OnPoint Tech Systems to other companies and friends as we are certain they will not be disappointed.
John C

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